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Alpamayo and Santa Cruz Trek


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Evening light on Santa Cruz (6241m) from the Yuraccocha Valley


About a day or so after our Huayhuash trek, Kendy and I set off on a 14 day trek in the Cordillera Blanca. Starting and ending at the tiny mountain village of Cashapampa, our route followed the Alpamayo trek for the first 8 days. We then spent a day in the town of Pomabamba to replenish our supplies for our return trek via the Santa Cruz route. The circuit thereby formed by this route enclosed some of the main peaks of the Peruvian Cordillera Blanca, such as Santa Cruz, Alpamayo and Pucajirca.

This trek contrasted with the Huayhuash circuit in the sense that it was unguided. Taking only ourselves and what we could carry, we were unconstrained by the requirements of guides, donkeys and their associated entourage, and thus we were free to take time to explore wherever we pleased. There was the added advantage that in the wilderness of the Parque Nacional de Huascarán we were free to camp wherever we liked, and on many occasions on this trek we found ourselves in expansive alpine valleys all to ourselves, with no other people around.

It was fantastic trekking, with tremendous diversity in mountain scenery as well as memorable cultural experiences of the friendly and cheerful Peruvian mountain people.

Although July is normally in the middle of the dry season, we experienced cloudy and stormy weather for much of the trek.

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Day 1 Sat 7 Jul 2007 Set out from Cashapampa
Day 2 Sun 8 Jul 2007 Climb from Hualcayan into Yuraccocha valley
Day 3 Mon 9 Jul 2007 Lake Yuraccocha to Lake Cullicocha
Day 4 Tue 10 Jul 2007 Lake Cullicocha to Alpamayo valley via Osoruri pass
Day 5 Wed 11 Jul 2007 Alpamayo North Base Camp and side trip to 5200m
Day 6 Thu 12 Jul 2007 Alpamayo Base Camp to Laguna Safuna Baja via Mesapata Pass
Day 7 Fri 13 Jul 2007 Exploring the Tayapampa Valley
Day 8 Sat 14 Jul 2007 Huillca, Yanacon Pass and Lake Sactaycocha
Day 9 Sun 15 Jul 2007 Down to Pomabamba
Day 10 Mon 16 Jul 2007 Climb out of Pomabamba Valley, high camp above Rio Lucma.
Day 11 Tue 17 Jul 2007 Laguna Huecrucocha and Alto de Pucaraju pass (4640m).
Day 12 Wed 18 Jul 2007 Climb Punta Union (4760m) and thence to Taullipampa
Day 13 Thu 19 Jul 2007 Climb Sentillo and thence to Alpamayo South Base Camp
Day 14 Fri 20 Jul 2007 Alpamayo South Base Camp to Santa Cruz Valley
Day 15 Sat 21 Jul 2007 Complete the trek and return to Huaraz.



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