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Evening light on Santa Cruz (6241m) from the Yuraccocha Valley


Highlight 3 of 3 - Alpamayo and Santa Cruz Trek

7 - 21 Jul 2007

About a day or so after our Huayhuash trek, Kendy and I set off on a 14 day trek in the Cordillera Blanca. Starting and ending at the tiny mountain village of Cashapampa, our route followed the Alpamayo trek for the first 8 days. We then spent a day in the town of Pomabamba to replenish our supplies for our return trek via the Santa Cruz route. The circuit thereby formed by this route enclosed some of the main peaks of the Peruvian Cordillera Blanca, such as Santa Cruz, Alpamayo and Pucajirca.

This trek contrasted with the Huayhuash circuit in the sense that it was unguided. Taking only ourselves and what we could carry, we were unconstrained by the requirements of guides, donkeys and their associated entourage, and thus we were free to take time to explore wherever we pleased. There was the added advantage that in the wilderness of the Parque Nacional de Huascarán we were free to camp wherever we liked, and on many occasions on this trek we found ourselves in expansive alpine valleys all to ourselves, with no other people around.

It was fantastic trekking, with tremendous diversity in mountain scenery as well as memorable cultural experiences of the friendly and cheerful Peruvian mountain people.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

The first stage of the trekking involved hiking through rural country at the base of the Cordillera Blanca.
On the next day we climbed to an altitude of about 4400m before breaking off onto a side trail that led into the Yuraccocha valley. Here there was an afternoon storm which created this rainbow while we walked.
Later, after the storm had cleared, this view of Santa Cruz was seen from our tent site pitched on a small flat spot on the side of the valley.
Our tent site at Lake Cullichocha (4630m, 15 190 ft).
Sunset from our tent site at Lake Cullicocha.
Reflections near Lake Cullicocha.
Great views of Lake Cullicocha and Santa Cruz from near the Osoruri pass. We climbed a peak near this pass to gain these views. This photo is taken from an altitude of approximately 4950m (16 240 ft).
Our tent site in the Alpamayo Valley.
Climbing up to explore a high valley around Alpamayo North base camp.
Exploring a high valley at an altitude of about 5000m. The peak in the background is Alpamayo.
Crossing the river before climbing our next pass.
A day later we enjoy reflections of Pucajirca in Lake Safuna Alta.
Later in the afternoon we explored up the side of the valley and found this small and secluded spot for the tent high up on the valley side with commanding views.
Climbing over a pass at 4610m (15 125 ft).
Glaciated peaks below afternoon storm clouds.
We entered a remote rural valley and found a harvest in progress. This field of wheat is being harvested to the accompaniment of musicians playing flutes and drums. It was an incredible experience to witness this.
We then climbed up the spectacular Alto de Pucaraju pass (4640m) from where this view of Taulliraju was had.
This is the view from the top of the Punta Union pass. In the foreground is Laguna Piramide. The pass in the background is the Alto de Pucaraju , which we had climbed the previous day.
Climbing up into the valley of Alpamayo South base camp.
We are now in the Santa Cruz valley, enjoying aftrenoon sunshine as we follow a well worn trail back to Cashapampa, where we had started from 2 weeks earlier.
This is lake Ichiccocha, the lowest lake in the Santa Cruz valley.




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