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Morning views from Laguna Mitococha, Cordillera Huayhuash, Peru


Highlight 2 of 3 - Huayhuash Trek

21 Jun - 5 Jul 2007

The second big highlight of the Peru 2007 trip was a 15 day trekking and climbing trip in the Cordillera Huayhuash in the Peruvian Andes. Starting and ending at the mountain village of Llamac, this trekking route encircles of a knot of 6000m Andean peaks, of which Yerupaja is the highest, at 6617m. As part of the trip we climbed two mountain peaks above 5000m, these being Pumarini (5465m) and Diablo Mudo (5350m).

The trek was organised by Peruvian Andes Adventures. The trekking party comprised six clients (Bill, Patricia, Lorin, Lisa, Kendy and I) plus our guide Marco, our cook Alfonzo, ably assisted by Edita, Chato and three donkey drivers. It was a fantastic trip among wonderful landscapes and people.

I hope you enjoy the photos from this fantastic trip. See below.

The trek started at the village of Llamac, shown here nestling in a steep sided valley.
After some steady climbing, we reached an altitude of about 4000m, at which time the valley opened out into alpine grasslands surrounded by rocky peaks.
Here is our camp site high in the valley at 4100m (13 451 ft).
Our first pass, at hight 4690m (15 387 ft) brought us our first views of high Peruvian mountains.

From the pass itself there is dramatic scenery.

From the pass we trek around to Laguna Mitococha where we camp. Altitude of tonight's camp site is 4230m (13 878 ft).

Early in the morning at Laguna Mitococha, fantastic views across the lake towards the glaciated peaks of Mituraju and Jirishanca.

In the afternoon, stormy clouds envelop the peaks that surround our next camp site which is at a different lake.
Early morning reflections.

This photo epitomizes the Cordillera Huayhuash. Houses built out of stone walls and thatched rooves are the homes of local farming communities. Behind, the peaks of the Cordillera Huayhuash are covered in cloud.

We do a day hike to a high pass and some beautiful mountain lakes.
Laguna Siula on our day hike.
This lake is filled with icebergs from a nearby glacier.

In the afternoon we reached Laguna Cojóncocha, a beautiful lake at altitude 4650m. We returned to our campsite by heading down the valley that you can see beyond the lake in the photo.

To get around the lake we crossed the narrow rocky causeway on the left hand side of the lake. As we crossed this causeway, the lake was on our right while to the left the valley dropped away steeply, providing panoramas of glaciers and mountains.

This is what I nicknamed the "Lord of the Rings" lake.

IClear skies create reflections in the tranquil Laguna Siula.
Reflections near the outlet of Laguna Siula.
Early in the morning after one of the coldest nights of the trek. Frost is everywhere.

We got an early start for an ascent of Pumarini, the first of two mountaineering ascents on this trip. These are early morning views from the slopes of Pumarini.

The altitude here is about 5000m (16 404 ft).

One of the peaks near Pumarini in the morning light.
We reach the glacier on the south side of the mountain and begin the climb to the summit, roped up in groups.
We approach some interesting ice formations near the summit ridge.

Summit reached! Altitude 5465m (17930 ft).

Spectacular scenery descending from the summit ridge.
On the next day we crossed over a pass into the Sarapococha, made famous by the book and film "Touching The Void"
A few days late the second mountaineering ascent was made. The peak this time is Diablo Mudo (5350m, 17 552 ft).
Taking a break on the summit plateau of Diablo Mudo.
The following day there were beautiful morning reflections on Laguna Jahuacocha.
Scenery along the shores of Laguna Jahuacocha.
Lake Solteracocha with Jahuacocha just visible beyond.
On the last day we followed a track that traversed high around a spectacular valley.

A group photo taken with the Cordillera Huayhuash in the background. The rightmost peak with snow in it in the background of the photo is Diablo Mudo, which we climbed on Day 13 .

From left: Lorin, Bill, Patricia, Lisa, Marco, Ashley, Kendy.




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