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Welcome to my Trekking page

Nepal, Kashmir, Patagonia, Peru, Corsica, Pyrenees, Alps, New Zealand, Tasmania. These are just some of the world's trekking destinations. I define trekking as any multi-day walk outside Australia. Such walks within Australia I call bushwalking, and for information on these I would direct you to my Bushwalking page.

Here on my trekking page you will find links to photos and writeups of some of the trekking trips that I have done over the last 10 years or so. If asked to rate the treks that I have done I would highlight the Corsica GR20 and the Huayhuash circuit in Peru as among the most fantastic trekking that I have done. Close behind would be the amazing trekking in Nepal and Kashmir. New Zealand offers some truly fantastic walking, as do other parts of South America and Europe.

Over time I hope to add more treks to this web site. For now, take a look at what I have below.

Index to Photos and Trip Reports

Trip Date(s) Content
July 1994 Kilimanjaro and Ngorogoro Crater, Africa
August-September 1999 Zanskar, Ladakh and Kashmir, Northern India
July 2002

Chamonix-Zermatt, The Walker's Haute Route

July-August 2002 Corsica, GR20, The High Level Route
October 2004 Langtang, Helambu and Gosain Kund Trek, Nepal
June-July 2007 Huayhuash and Cordillera Blanca, Peru
July-August 2008 The Californian High Sierra, USA
June-July 2010 The Slovenian High Route
July - August 2010 Italian Dolomites, The Alta Via 2
August 2010 Italian Dolomites, Via ferrate
August 2010 Eastern Turkey, Mt Ararat
January-February 2013 The Dientes of Navarino Island in far southern Chile, the southernmost trek in the world.
Jun 2013 Rila Mountains Trek, Bulgaria
July 2014 KAMCHATKA - Land of Ice and Fire. Trekking among the active volcanoes of Russia's far east. One of the world's last great wilderness areas.
September 2014 MADAGASCAR - Trekking among the granite massifs in Andringitra National Park, central Madagascar.


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