Navigation Weekend 4-5 May 2019



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The MountainSphere navigation weekend is a 2 day educational bushwalk that provides clients with practical training on the skills of navigation off the beaten track by map and compass. Expert tuition in map reading and use of a compass is provided, and participants immediately put these skills in practise to find a route and navigate to a beautiful campsite hidden in the heart of a sandstone wilderness. Apart from the educational aspects, the navigation weekend is an excellent opportunity to get off the beaten track and explore a beautiful wilderness area in a small group expedition with people who are there for the same reasons you are.

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Here are some photos from the navigation weekend held on 4-5 May 2019. This time we shirked the usual campsite in the rock overhang, another group were partying there, and we decided to camp out in the open on a nearby ridge. This provided the opportunity for star gazing on the clear cold night, although only Lauren managed to get up at 3am to witness the start of the meteor shower. Maps and compasses were put to good use throughout the weekend and everyone got a chance to lead the way through the bush. There was wild off-track navigating, some trail navigating, and some 4WD track navigating, all providing different ways to apply the skills of navigating. Now you all know why 994 is the centre of the universe. No other rock on Earth has been pointed at by so many compasses! Thanks everyone for coming!

Map reading among the gum trees.

Map reading among the gum trees.

Amanda and Lily.



En route to the river.
Planning the next stage of the route.
Map reading on the go.



We chose a different spot to camp this time, up on a ridge out in the open on a rather cool autumn evening.
Our tents pitched randomly in the bush.
There are one or two places where you climb down rocks in easy stages.
There is one place where a rope is handy for climbing up.



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