Navigation Weekend 6-7 April 2019



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The MountainSphere navigation weekend is a 2 day educational bushwalk that provides clients with practical training on the skills of navigation off the beaten track by map and compass. Expert tuition in map reading and use of a compass is provided, and participants immediately put these skills in practise to find a route and navigate to a beautiful campsite hidden in the heart of a sandstone wilderness. Apart from the educational aspects, the navigation weekend is an excellent opportunity to get off the beaten track and explore a beautiful wilderness area in a small group expedition with people who are there for the same reasons you are.

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Here are some photos from the navigation weekend held on 6-7 April 2019. On this weekend we enjoyed clear skies and very warm conditions for the time of year. Being the last day of daylight savings, we had plenty of time to learn navigation skills before we reached our campsite. In the late afternoon sunshine we enjoyed the scenery from atop spectacular rock pagodas.

Studiously studying the map and course notes.

We stop for lunch on the first day at a point with panoramic views and this is where maps and compasses come out for some map and compass exercises.

Some compasses have a mirror, and there is a specific way to use it.

Here the navigator is using a mirror compass.

There is one short climb where a rope is handy. An alternative route exists for anyone who prefers not to use the rope, although this climb is easy, safe and short.

A novel way of carrying water.
The navigators had by now found their way to this amazing swampy crater.



Enjoying the late afternoon sunshine.
Return to the cave for a sheltered night's camping. Here we enjoy a late afternoon cup of tea with nibbles.
Much of the walking is through terrain like this.



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