Navigation Weekend 16-17 March 2019



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The MountainSphere navigation weekend is a 2 day educational bushwalk that provides clients with practical training on the skills of navigation off the beaten track by map and compass. Expert tuition in map reading and use of a compass is provided, and participants immediately put these skills in practise to find a route and navigate to a beautiful campsite hidden in the heart of a sandstone wilderness. Apart from the educational aspects, the navigation weekend is an excellent opportunity to get off the beaten track and explore a beautiful wilderness area in a small group expedition with people who are there for the same reasons you are.

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Here are some photos from the navigation weekend held on 16-17 March 2019. This was one of the wettest navigation weekends ever. Please note that the navigation weekend will go ahead even if it is raining. After all, adverse conditions are those where you most need your navigation skills, and when you need to keep moving to stay warm, and keep on track on the safest and most optimal route to a sheltered destination!

Our first "views", partly obscured by cloud, even in this weather are spectacular and inspiring, and you can still see enough in this weather to ensure navigation is "on track".

She isn't really using her compass here, she's just posing for the photo ....


A group photo. 7 of us braved the elements for this trip.

Using the compass for real this time.

The incentive for navigating through the rain is to reach this sheltered place, dry and out of the weather, a safehaven in the wilderness.
This little rope climb is easy, but if you don't want to climb this way, an alternative route exists that does not require climbing.
The navigators had by now found their way to this amazing swampy crater.

On Sunday it is time to navigate back to the starting point via a different route.

The river is less than knee deep despite all the rain.

Final group photo as the weather improved on the last day.



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