The Big J - Ultimate Skiing in the Jagungal Wilderness

16-19 Aug 2012


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The Jagungal Wilderness in the Snowy Mountains of NSW is the ultimate cross country ski touring wilderness experience.

This 4 day trip in August 2012 was at the peak of the 2012 ski season. Despite poor weather for the whole trip, we reached the summit of Jagungal and traversed Kerries Ridge, and skied via Mawson and Valentine huts.

What beats skiing in the Jagungal Wilderness, in the silent vastness of the granite peaks? This is Ultimate Skiing.

Setting out on Thursday up the Schlink Road.

Near Horse Camp Hut.

Skiing to Valentine Hut in inclement weather.
Ultimate Skiing. Striking out into virgin untracked snow north of Mawsons. The Jagungal Wilderness lies ahead.
On the way to the Big J.
The Big J. Can you see it? No chance.
White Winter Wonderland.
Stopping for water at the Geehi River, almost totally buried in snow!
Ultimate Skiing: climbing onto the Kerries Ridge in improving weather, no tracks in the snow except those of tiny animals and our own skis.
Ultimate Skiing: The Big J is behind us, but is always the first peak to attract the cloud and the last to lose it.
Frosted snowgums.
Ultimate Skiing. Nothing beats this.
The granite sentinels that so typify this landscape.



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All content copyright © Ashley Burke 2012. Not to be copied, duplicated or used for any purpose without permission.