Six Foot Track Marathon

12 Mar 2011



I took part in the Six Foot Track Marathon that was held on 12 Mar 2011.

Information about this famous marathon is on the Six Foot Track Marathon Official Website.

These photos were taken by Super Sports Images who retain copyright.

Race distance: 45km



The marathon starts with a long steep descent of Nellies Glen on these slippery stairs.

After about 10km of running the route leads across rolling farming country in the Megalong Valley.

After 16km we cross the Coxs River.

After this river crossing is a huge climb onto the Black Range, a vertical height gain of around 900m.

At the top of a long climb out of the Coxs River valley.

After 42km it is the final 3km downhill on a muddy track to Jenolan Caves.

Final dash for the finishing line 45km.

Finish. 45km. 5 hours 14 minutes and 38 seconds.



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